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 About the East Bay AIDS Advocacy Foundation (EBAAF)!

Mission, Values & Goals

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Mission, Values & Goals
Mission & Values Statement of EBAAF

EBAAF promotes grassroots efforts and other organizing initiatives that increase the well-being of people living with HIV in the East Bay, including Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. With a focus on collaboration and assistance to existing efforts, EBAAF works to:

  • Expand and initiate key collaborative efforts (local, state, regional and national) that serve the East Bay HIV community;
  • Build and strengthen the capacity and skills of the East Bay HIV community; and
  • Maximize resources available to influence change in HIV/AIDS service delivery, policy and advocacy in the East Bay.

Further, EBAAF remains goal-oriented and steadfast in its overall commitment to social justice as well as focused on serving those currently living with HIV in the East Bay. We recognize that the pandemic can only be truly eradicated through fostering equal partnership and collaboration. Finally, we also recognize the need to work alongside and celebrate the diversity of perspectives, reflected in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Goals of EBAAF

EBAAF Board/Advisors and Staff has identified three overarching goals for the organization:
(1) EBAAF will increase the amount of resources available to serve the HIV community of the East Bay;
(2) EBAAF will encourage, support and facilitate effective and efficient use of resources through coordination and collaboration of service providers and others; and
(3) EBAAF will initiate, promote and participate in public policy and advocacy efforts that improve the well-being of the HIV community in the East Bay.