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Welcome to the East Bay HIV/AIDS Community Resources Hub!

EBAAF is proud to offer this resource to the HIV/AIDS community of the East Bay and beyond. While geared to HIV activists, providers and professionals living and working in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, we believe that the Hub has something for everybody.

The Hub was born out of necessity. HIV/AIDS, undeniably, is a global pandemic requiring a global response. The East Bay itself, however, is a microcosm when it comes to HIV.

Public health problems and solutions in the East Bay are shaped by numerous other issues also dealt with across the world -- race and ethnicity, class and poverty, gender and sexual orientation, substance use, immigration status, language and culture, to name a handful.

The Hub provides easy access to valuable, sometimes critical, HIV/AIDS information and resources for those whose time is already under high demand. In particular, the Hub provides East Bay-specific HIV/AIDS information and resources, materials on HIV/AIDS policy and advocacy, capacity-building and technical assistance tools useful to AIDS and other organizations, and resources to assist those involved with HIV/AIDS fundraising.

Because the Hub was also designed to be organic, we welcome your feedback on how to better tailor it to suit the needs of the community.

Once again, welcome.