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Join the East Bay HIV A.C.T. Now! Team

Anyone is welcome to join the mailing list, and only subscribers will be able to post messages. This service is a forum for concerned individuals to share relevant information and news that affects or is important to the Northern California East Bay HIV/AIDS community. The list also functions as a venue for discussing HIV/AIDS issues and matters as they relate or are connected to the East Bay.

EBAAF's vision for the forum includes the diverse elements of our HIV community becoming singularly united and well-equipped to put an end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

It may be used in many ways -- informing others of late-breaking AIDS policy news, announcing valuable skills-building workshops, discussion of issues, or disseminating AIDS funding opportunities, to name a few.

We request that subscribers use the list with care. Only messages of concern or connected to the HIV community of the East Bay may be posted.

If you would like to join the listserv, please enter your email in the box below and click submit.