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Public Policy & Advocacy

EBAAF works to influence policy and advocates changes that benefit the HIV/AIDS community in the East Bay and beyond. An underlying goal is to increase the knowledge of, while building healthy relationships with, HIV policymakers and other decision-makers (particularly elected officials) concerning the needs of the HIV community in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Current and planned activities include:

  • Organizing a 2003 East Bay HIV/AIDS "action tour" for elected officials and health policymakers.
    In 2003, EBAAF will convene elected officials and policymakers and embark on a multi-day "study-and-action tour" of the East Bay HIV community;

  • Establishing an effective corps of East Bay community HIV advocates.
    EBAAF is committed to empowering and building effective HIV advocacy skills among East Bay community members.

    In April 2002, EBAAF and more than 30 committed HIV/AIDS activists from the East Bay participated in the CA-statewide Annual AIDS Lobby Day, organized by the CA HIV Advocacy Coalition (CHAC). The energized group appealed to legislators and staff for additional resources in the areas of HIV prevention and AIDS drugs assistance. This has set the stage for a powerful and consistent voice on behalf of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in Sacramento.

  • Developing and/or disseminating East Bay-specific HIV/AIDS policy materials.
    EBAAF routinely publishes and disseminates materials on significant HIV issues facing the East Bay.

    Our current project is the development of a concise, highly informative "primer" on the most daunting AIDS policy challenges facing the East Bay.

  • Increasing the East Bay's participation, influence and access with respect to legislative and government affairs.
    EBAAF, in collaboration with others, will continue to monitor, research and respond to local, state and national proposed legislation that impacts the East Bay HIV community, especially as it concerns HIV and related funding.

    At the all levels, EBAAF works collaboratively with committed others to ensure significant budget line items dedicated to the prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS.